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1101 Rue de Bleury, Montréal, Québec H2Z 1N1
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On Commence

As we start the new year - and as we start our first letters here - we couldn't be happier to have a place we like to call home to welcome you in to. Its been a long but quick road to where we find ourselves and hopefully a long and amazing journey ahead. While there's a great deal of pomp and circumstance that surrounds a new restaurant, and certainly of the kind we are aspiring to, there is not a day that goes by that we do not take a step back and remind ourselves why and where this journey began: a love of the ocean.

I have had the luck in my youth, since my mere six months old, to spend summers in the spectacular and pristine coastal town of Gloucester, Massachusetts - the first fishing port in America. It was the home of fishing in the new world. The start of so many true voyages and ventures. Gloucester, for those of you who have not yet had the chance to visit, has not changed (it may appear to the average visitor and inhabitant) in 70 years. There is a Main Street...and it has remained the same. The tiny shops and bookstores are still bound by their ancestral oak and redwood beams, the lobster shacks in the harbor continue to welcome the returning boats, and the sea still has an unseen bounty in its depths and beneath its rocks. When I was young, I would walk out to the small island off Good Harbor beach and lift the stones and search for the lobsters and crabs, or sea urchins and starfish that lay beneath. I would put them all in a small cooler a notch inshore for our short time there and children and families would come up and look in wonderment at what we had caught. An ocean petting zoo, if you will. They were amazed that life lay just beyond where the water met the shoal - the experience of a universe unseen.

And so we find ourselves many years from those summers by the shore to our little home here - doing the same thing I did in youth, bringing the experience of what lay in those shallow depths to the surface - and now to concrete surroundings - to those who look forward to reveling in the amazement of it all. I have the privilege of working with an amazing team who are contantly as thrilled as I am for the new items that arrive at our door, who look on with wide eyed excitement for things they have never seen, and with thrill as we plan the future for you all.

We hope that when walk through our doors at Notkins, if even for a moment, we're able to separate you from the world outside and the harrowing day, to bring you to side of the ocean where it meets the sand, to hear the waves crash and feel the mist in the wind on your cheek, and bring you in to be part of the amazing, unexplored adventure that lies ahead....